Give us your model & we’ll show you an agile data warehouse. Within days.

Step 1
Send us the logical or physical model of any one of your data marts and we’ll spend an hour on the phone with you to understand your key business pain points

Step 2
Our senior business modeling experts go to work building a business information model that reveals exactly what valuable information your data mart is holding...and what's still missing

Step 3
Within days, we present your new model and work with you to enhance it further. And right before your eyes, we’ll deploy the model to a data warehouse in minutes. Then we’ll show you how you can do it just as easily. With every data mart you consolidate. Whenever you need. Again, and again, and again.

Bold claims? Challenge us and we’ll prove it to you.

We're up for a challenge

  • Data models must be provided in either .csv or .cwm format. Exact scope will be finalized during initial session
  • If possible, please provide your business taxonomy / glossary / abbreviations file to speed the conversion
  • Second session will include a business representative
  • Must have an active or planned project creating a new data warehouse or migrating to a high performance platform such as Oracle Exadata, TD, or Netezza